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Corbin Treacy - High-Level Academic, Translator, and Editor

· Translator,Editor

Corbin Treacy is a French translator and editor who was previously a university professor. After earning both an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, he accepted a position as an assistant professor at Florida State University. During his time there, Corbin Treacy taught a wide range of courses that explored a variety of subjects centered around French and Francopone literature, film, and French culture.

As an individual who enjoys traveling the world and learning about different cultures, Corbin has made a number of innovative contributions to his field in academia. Throughout his career thus far, Corbin has edited and translated a broad assortment of peer journals, academic publications, and university-level textbooks. His experience as an editor and translator has allowed him to realize his desire to pursue freelance editing and translating, which he does from his homes in San Diego, CA and Prague, Czech Republic.

Corbin Treacy hopes to continue this work while exploring Central Europe, where he spends half the year.

Even though he is already fluent in French and English and proficient in Spanish, Corbin Treacy also hopes to broaden his cultural horizons even further by learning the German and Czech languages in the near future.

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