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Dr. Corbin Treacy’s Love for
Travel and Culture

· French Professor,Research

Dr. Treacy has spent most of his academic career learning about and teaching French culture, its language, and its literature. At the University of Minnesota, Treacy earned a PhD and MA in French and was a graduate instructor of French. He also spent time in Orléans, France, teaching English to French students.

Dr. Treacy continued to pursue his love for culture as a faculty member at Florida State University in its foreign language department. While there, he served on various review boards and translated scholarly journals and articles. He gave a number of academic presentations to other universities during this time.

Now an accomplished scholar and editor, Treacy looks to transition toward reviewing and translating full time and move away from his work teaching. The transition is in an effort to afford more time to travel, which his first and true passion. Dr. Treacy resides in San Diego, CA, but travels frequently.

Besides his travels to France, Treacy has visited other parts of Central Europe, Canada, Australia, Fiji, and Algeria. He has a particular love for Europe and especially loves dining out while abroad. He hopes to travel to Morocco and Tunisia in the near future. As he travels, Corbin Treacy has determined to learn German as his fifth language, as he is already fluent in English, French, and has working grasp of both Spanish and Arabic.

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