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Dr. Corbin Treacy’s Talents and Interests

· cultural studies,French Professor,Research,Translator,Researcher

Dr. Corbin Treacy is a lover of the world and its culture. He has spent his academic career studying, teaching, and reviewing work in languages and culture. Dr. Treacy holds a PhD in French and is as fluent as a native speaker. He frequently makes trips to Europe and spends a great deal of time in France. He lived in France for two years and hopes to spend about half his time each year in Europe working as a freelancer for the foreseeable future.

Corbin Treacy - Europe

Dr. Treacy has spent the last eight years in academia as a professor, scholar, and editor, but he is transitioning to full-time freelance editing and translation in order to free up time to continue pursuing his love for travel. He loves to cook and enjoys exploring the native cuisines of the places he explores. When he is not traveling, he indulges a love for film and literature. He taught French cinema, and has taught literature in both French and English

In addition to France, he has traveled through Australia, Central Europe, Canada, Fiji, and Algeria. He would like to travel through Morocco and Tunisia and continue exploring central Europe. In addition to his fluency in French, Corbin Treacy is moderately proficient in Spanish and Arabic and would like to add German to that list.

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